Just 3? : 3 Characters that Describe Me

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Characters. Most of the time we’re supposed to find them relatable, but there’s always those ones that really leave a mark with us. When I first saw this whole Character Trifecta craze the first thing I thought was “ I hope this isn’t just for a certain group or fanbase.” When I saw that it wasn’t I immediately went to work. As usual for myself finding the right fit seemed hard at first and before I knew it I had too many options to narrow down from. So here are my picks plus their honorary mentions.

Honorary mentions

oh_as_hugoOh – Home

Not the last character Dreamworks character you’ll see on this list. I found I related with Oh to the point that I was shocked when I heard that some critics said he was too annoying to be sympathetic. Not always aware when he’s bothering people but always desiring a connection with others, I find Oh empathetic and identifiable.

maxresdefault_liveManny – Modern Family

With out of place interests amongst his peers and a love of the arts and performing, Manny’s my favorite on Modern Family

d431d74b4b8c93eba166a5c715b75ac1Leonard Hoffstatter – Big Bang Theory

I suppose I have some similarities with any tv nerd really. Leonard was always the character I identified with the most, probably because he appears the most normal out of them all. We both have extensive knowledge of movies, a caring side, but he’s had way more girlfriends than I have.


PO/HICCUP – Kung Fu Panda/How To Train Your Dragon

maxresdefaulthiccup-how-to-train-your-dragon-13894859-500-221A Tie! Not sure if I’m allowed to do this but I couldn’t see this going any other way. As both of these characters are likable Dreamworks underdogs why not have them share a spot.

Po is a character that has basically defined me since I first saw him in that theater in 2008 just thinking about how much I felt like him. Both Po and I are daydreamers with aspirations that just don’t seem attainable at times. But Po presses on despite nay-sayers just like I try to do and we both tend to approach these aspirations through non-conventional mean. Po without a doubt has a place in my heart

Hiccup in some ways is arguably a better choice than Po as he and I look and sound more alike. Hiccup still has that classic underdog feeling chip on shoulders geek persona. But like me he has an innovative mind and is creative with his hands seeing small details that others can miss because often they are not the details people are interested in. Plus, he’s voiced by Jay Baruchal who I always thought could play me

CHARLIE The Perks of being a Wallflower

the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower-hollywood-movie-wallpaper05Bought this book at the school book store as an early Christmas present to myself after finishing that semester’s finals. And while reading it I was having moment after moment where you just go “OMG this is SO me, I had no idea anyone else ever knew about this feeling.” When I saw the faithful movie adaption a few weeks later, I felt just the same.

While it may be hard to picture now, I used to be as painfully shy as Charlie was and equally as bad speaking with words. Affably naivete, Charlie definitely captures that uncertainty I’m used to feeling in new places to the point that I’m glad that a few times in life I had some “high school seniors” of my own take me under their wing like he had. Friendship is a life staple for both of us. Reading the chapter where he wasn’t able to see his friends for 2 weeks just tore me apart because I know what a toll that would do to my emotional state. Friends are something that we both cherish and it’s often where we both go for stability when life just sucks sometimes. And considering that both me and Charlie also share depression/anxiety, that sucky feeling can come about quite easily sometimes. With all that said Charlie was an easy choice for making this list.

GENE – Bob’s Burgers


Here’s a show that I was pretty unsure about until my brother-in-law got me hooked on it. In some ways I find myself relating to Bob, one of the few sitcom dads that’s not complete doofus but there had to be at least one character on this list that captured my occasional off beat personality and Gene’s is rather contagious. To the point I find myself saying Gene-like phrases. Like when I recently got two clingy fleece blankets out of the dryer and remarked “I’m gonna wait till it’s dark to pull them apart so I can see sparks fly.” Gene in a lot of ways captures my quirky comments that I both pride myself on while not always being aware of how they come off. Gene and I know the pain of only being hit on by annoying girls, and being the only son with two sisters. Gene and I have a lot, except his love of toilet humor. We differ greatly in that regards, but I still like ya, Gene.

So those are my pics. What about you? Maybe we share one or are from the same cannon universe. Leave a comment and maybe we’ll find our similarities in what is allegedly a small world.

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