I love acting. It is so much more real than life. ~ Oscar Wilde

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. ~ Stella Adler

I know very little about acting. I’m just an incredibly gifted faker. ~ Robert Downey Jr.

Height- 5’10’’ Weight- 145 lb.  Hair- Brown  Eyes- Brown


Name Role Venue Director
Two Gentlemen of Verona Thurio ACA Amy Waguespack
Noises Off  Timothy Allgood NSU Tim Sandifer
Last Days of Judas Iscariot Mathias of Galilee NSU Cory Germany
Touched (Neutral Mask Piece) Various NSU Kwame Lilly
The Tempest Ariel NSU Dr. Vicki Parrish
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Dr. Caligari NSU Austin Aschbrenner
Shakesperience Shylock, Hector, Various NSU Dr. Jack Wann
Richard III Vaughan, Scrivener, Tv Reporter ACA Amy Waguespack


Name Role Venue Director
A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream Puck ACA Amy Waguespack
West Side Story   Glad Hand NSU Scott Burrell
Hairspray Principal/Police Officer NSU Pia Wyatt
Boudreaux and Thibodeaux’s Wedding Ba-Boy/T-Noon/Klebe WoodLawn Players Sarah Fox
Jukebox Jack Fou-Jamb WoodLawn Players David Pierce


Name Role Venue Director
Style Savvy Camera Operator/PA Skatter Brain Media Daniel Harper
Mr. Live Show Camera Operator/PA Skatter Brain Media Daniel Harper
Finding Candace Camera Operator/PA Skatter Brain Media Daniel Harper
Underground Background (Poor Person in Church) WGN  Anthony Hemingway
YPR Writer’s Room Member Independent  Monique Morton
Bring It Productions assistant (1ep) Lifetime  NA
House Hunters Productions assistant (1ep) Pie Town Productions  DarbySymons



Name Role Venue Director
Dolly  Lighting Assist./ Slater/Continuity Consultant/ Poster Designer Rudimentary Images Sheree Bandukwala
Kooshma Actor (Cameron Zachary)/ PA/ Camera Operator Skatter Brain Media Daniel Harper
Free State of Jones Wounded Soldier/Confederate Soldier Larger Than Life Productions, Route One Films, Vendian Entertainment Gary Ross
Love and She Productions Assistant/ Coffee Shop Patron/ Campus Student/ Student in Class Goldchase Motion Pictures, Sumit Ghosh Media Saad Khan
The Dirt Road to Lafayette Background (Zydeco Dancer/Club Patron) Independent Kenny Glenaan
Sunday Girl Background (Gas station customer) Independent Kenny Glenaan
Dream Witch Background (Airport tourist) Curmudgeon Productions Nathan & Griffith Furst
The Christmas Muse Background (Student/party proffessor) LLC Michael D. Sellers
The Christmas Contract Background (Village volunteer) TTC Monika Mitchell
Big Shark Background (outdoor diners) Wiseau Productions Tommy Wiseau

Short Films

Name Role Venue Director
Panic Director/ Writer/ Actor (C.J.)/Cinematographer/ Various C.J. Pictures Cameron Metrejean
Bias Camera Operator/PA Skatter Brain Media Daniel Harper
Atchafalaya Productions Assistant Construct Films Natalie Kingston & Brian Richard
Nobel Creatures Background (Bar Patron) UCLA Films Daniel Lafrentz
Vape Shifty Rex Street Films Matthew Trenchard & Jacque Cormier
Ponchos Balloon Man, Various Infinite Focus Roxanne MacManus
Oh Man Production Designer/ Actor (Office Worker) Rex Street Films Robbie Leneham
Urban Outreach Bar Patron Independant Monique Morton
Mistaken Fate  Restaurant customer, Funeral attendee Independant Monique Morton


Name Role Venue Director
John Paul the Great Academy  Productions Assistant Napoleonic Productions Jared Landry
Moss Motors Price Slaher Moss Motors Nicolas Pierre
Believe in Giving Back: Lead by Example
Soldier Giles, Infinite Focus John Paul Summers
Chevy Truck Showroom Customer Courtesy Chevrolet, Potenza Giorgio Russo
Unitech Graduate Potenza Giorgio Russo
Izzos Office Partier Izzos, Potenza Summer Waxley
Giles New Location Customer Giles, Potenza John Paul Summers
Meches Doughnut King Crowd Fan Meches, Potenza John Paul Summers
Meches Doughnut in Space Board Member Meches, Potenza John Paul Summers

Music Videos



New Cupid, Uncle Luke Cupid
Cont Des Fait

Cowardly Man

Rex Street Films Lauren Simon
Let It Go (Sasha Monet)

Bus Passenger

All Spark Mae Chapman
Trust (Youngblood Hawke)

Orange man

Infinite Focus John Paul Summers

Web Series

Noire Episode 3 Safe House Guard Film Faction Zach Abraham
Trash Party Goer  Rex Street Films Katy Briggs
Assault School Teacher NA Katy Briggs


Seconds (Training Film)

Male Student 1

NSU Police Department, Natchitoches Police Department Jon Caliste

Education Westminster Christian Academy: Graduated 2010 Northwestern state University: Graduated 2014

Special Skills

Rapid speech, Green belt in Tae Kwon Do, Baritone (Range: E2-A Flat 4), Trained in Unarmed stage combat, Trained in Broadsword stage combat, Good with animals, New York Dialect, Irish Dialect, Southern Dialect, Photography and Photoshop Skills

Video Editing-


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