Prince of Egypt Ornamental Egg



Second one! The Prince of Egypt. Though more forgotten than underrated, it still manages a ‘classic’ status. Dreamworks made a bold choice having their 2nd film be a Biblical animated musical but it sure paid off. It brought forth an epic story of equally epic animation.



Top: Pyramid silhouette at sunset
Bottom: Hieroglyphic carvings with faux lapis lining

Intramural ornament: The Parting of the Red Sea

Intramural ornament: The Parting of the Red Sea



Sinbad: Legends of the Seven Seas Ornamental Egg


The start of a new sculpting series I’m doing. When I was younger I made a FabergĂ© egg replica and recently have decided to try to attempt this again but with a added theme. Each one I make is going to be based off of a different Dreamworks animated movie (typical me).

As such I will only be doing period films. As much as I love the film, making an ornamental egg about Madagascar just doesn’t seem right.

The first one out of the bunch, Sinbad: Legends of the Seven Seas. A rather underrated film, and Dreamwork’s last traditionally/hand-drawn animated movie.


Top Shimmering ocean horizon
Bottom: Faux turquoise stone bottom with silver lining

Sinbad Egg 3

Intramural ornament: Sinbad’s ship on the deep blue sea

Olaf, Stitch, & Tigger in a Group Hug


While participating in the pay-it-forward challenge, one of my responders, a close friend of mine, requested for his gift sculptures of his 3 favorite cartoon characters. I decided to do one better and sculpted them in one big group hug. A little time consuming and a bit more intricate than I’m used to but over-all this is one of my more rewarding creations.

Grouphug1 Grouphug2 Grouphug3