The Immediate Rise and Slow Fall of M. Night Shyamalan

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This was a series I had been planning for some time. The polarizing opinions of the famed/infamous Indian-American director is just something that demands a closer look. How did a director go from starting¬†from such humble beginnings, to universal praise to such notoriety? Is there any hope for him to come back from this? I sure hope so. But in my curiosity to about him a while back I decided to sit down and watch every major M. Night Shyamalan movie. Here’s my own description of the path he followed with my opinion on each movie. ENJOY


THE UNKNOWNS: Praying With Anger & Wide Awake


THE GREATS: The Sixth Sense & Unbreakable


THE MIXED: Signs and The Village


THE BAD: Lady in the Water & The Happening

THE CRASH AND BURN: The Last Airbender


After Earth

So what are your thoughts? Which film is your favorite or which one do you despise the most? Is there hope for him?